What if God is just like other gods that are myths, and gods like Ra (example) are the real ones?

Great question.  This is the question that every single one of us must come to a conclusion about.  Is Jesus who he claims to be, God come in the flesh? Or is it all a lie, or a myth?

That’s why I think it’s really important for us to take a close look at Jesus as the historians present him in the gospel accounts.  We need to decide, do his claims stack up?
Is he able to make sense of life?
How do I respond to the evidence that he acts with God’s power?
What will I do with the offer of God’s forgiveness that he makes?

If Jesus isn’t God, then he’s not worth listening to at all! A man who was just a man, but said the sorts of things Jesus said, isn’t a good man, or a wise teacher.  He’s either a liar and a fraud, or a lunatic. 

I’m convinced that when we look at Jesus, and listen to his words, there is plenty of good reasons to believe that his claims to be God among us, are dependable.