If people worship someone who wasn’t God but called themselves God, what will happen?

Everybody worships something.  Whatever comes first in your life, that’s what you worship; sport, popularity, money, possessions, family, or even yourself.  Of course, the Bible teaches us that there’s only one “thing” that should come first in our lives, and that’s God, because he made us, he’s good, and he knows best.  If we put other things first, we’ll find that they don’t satisfy us, because they were never intended to satisfy us, only God can.  We’ve all heard the words of famous people who thought that when they reached the top in music, or sport, or Hollywood, that they’d feel fulfilled, but in fact they realised they were empty and unfulfilled.

But if we put God first and seek after him, we find that his pattern for life is best, (since he created us and know us, that makes sense!).  We can still enjoy the great things God gives us, like sport, and work, and family, because we understand how they are supposed to fit into our lives.