What was Jesus’ last name?  Where does the word Christ come from?

Jewish people in the first century AD tended not to have last names in quite the same way we do.  In addition to their name, people were referred to according to where they came from “Jesus of Nazareth” (John 19:19), according to their occupation, “Simon the tanner” (Acts 10:6), or someone in the family, like their father “James son of Zebedee” (Matthew 4:21).

Christ comes from a Greek word, since Greek was spoken across the known world in the time of Jesus, and the New Testament was written in Greek.  It means “anointed one” and refers to the king God had chosen and promised to send to his people. 

Since Jesus was recognised as this king, the Christ, people who followed him were called “Christians.”  The first people to be called Christians were followers of Jesus in a town called Antioch, not long after Jesus’ death and resurrection.