How did Jesus heal the blind man? And why?

In John 9 Jesus comes across a blind man, and he’s asked whether the man was born blind because of some sin in his life, or in the life of his parents.  Jesus says that’s to think in entirely the wrong way.  Our world is out of step with God since sin came into it, and so our experience of life is not according to God’s original intention for us.

However, Jesus goes on to say, “this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” (John 9:3) Jesus uses this man’s situation to demonstrate that he is the light who has come into the world.

There are lots of other accounts in the gospel narratives of Jesus healing people.  The main thing to remember about these miracles is that they’re not party tricks … but they’re little foretastes, hints of what life will be like with Jesus forever. Jesus’ healings point to an eternity free from suffering, restored to God’s intention for us.